A compressor you can count on

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Think of your favorite piece of technology, whether it is a car, a phone, a TV or maybe even a piece of machinery at work. Now imagine it breaking down all the time and requiring costly repairs … would it still be your favorite?

Probably not. So, clearly, reliability is an important factor in the technology we use, it’s just not something we think about a lot – at least not as long as our gadgets are working. In fact, the more dependable a piece of equipment is, the less we think about its dependability. It is only when our car doesn’t start anymore or the screen of our phone freezes all the time that we realize how precious that reliability is.

In the world of compressed air, that is especially true for variable speed drive (VSD) compressors. They offer tremendous benefits over fixed-speed compressors. The latter are fairly simple pieces of machinery. You flip a switch and they compress air at full speed – regardless of whether that much power is needed. Obviously, that can be very wasteful.

VSD compressors, however, are much more sophisticated. By adjusting their speed to the compressed air demand, they can save companies a lot of money over their lifetime.

If they are running.

If not, they are a source of great frustration. Any breakdown can result in costly downtimes, expensive repairs and, needless to say, no compressed air.

Make reliability part of your buying decision

That is why it is important to take reliability into account when selecting a VSD compressor.

Fortunately, in this case, the choice is easy, because the most efficient compressor also happens to be extremely reliable.

It is the VSD+ from Atlas Copco.

As the inventor of variable speed drive compressors, Atlas Copco knows best how important reliability is to ensuring an optimized total cost of ownership. As a result, the compressed air specialist has made it a focal point of the design of all its VSD compressors.

Now, the VSD+ takes reliability to another level.

Built with top-quality components, it is designed to last – and not just in perfect conditions but also in the toughest environments.

It will operate reliably in ambient temperatures of up to 46°C. The electrical cubicle of the inverter, which helps ensure the unmatched efficiency of the compressor, can even withstand temperatures of up to 55°C.

In addition, Atlas Copco has equipped its VSD+ compressors with an IP66-rated drive train that protects them from dust and moisture. The drive train also features a streamlined design (no gears or belts, no shaft seal,…), minimizing the number of parts that can potentially wear down.

This powerful combination of features ensures a smooth operation and maximum uptime.

But the variable speed drive leader knows that it takes more than top-quality components and a sturdy design to achieve the ultimate reliability – it is also about always keeping an eye on your compressor and recognizing problems before they arise.

Connectivity is reliability

For that reason, Atlas Copco is ensuring the dependability of its VSD+ compressors by going a step further.

With cutting edge remote monitoring and control technology, you can maximize the reliability and efficiency of your variable speed drive compressor from just about anywhere on the planet. You just need a mobile device and an Internet connection.

But that’s not all. The high-tech Elektronikon® Touch controller, which comes with every VSD+ compressor, and the optional SMARTLINK monitoring system can identify potential problems early on. The system then sends out an alert and you can take the necessary steps to keep your variable speed drive compressor running.

Add all of these features up, and you get a compressor that not only delivers big energy savings once in a while but all the time. While Atlas Copco’s variable speed drive compressors will certainly impress you with their outstanding efficiency, optimized total cost of ownership, uptime and connectivity, one of their greatest assets is that you won’t have to worry about them.

And that is worth a lot. It is also one more reason why you really can’t afford to go with anything than the best – because too much is riding on your compressed air system.

To find out how you can make a VSD compressor a trusted companion in your production, contact Atlas Copco now.