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As an Atlas Copco Authorized Distributor, Micro Air Tech is your access to the world leader in technology of compressor solutions. We supply products to all types compressor to large or small industries. The objective of the company was to meet customer needs by combining the expertise of well-trained sales staff and maintaining a large inventory. Our instantaneous customer services along with Atlas Copco products make our customer’s business more efficient, competitive and profitable.

“Working closely with the Customer” -This ideology of Micro Air tech helps to build a loyal relationship between the customer and the company. Moreover, keeping in close touch allows fast and efficient product updates to the end users.

Our incredible way

WHY Choose US!

  • Highest air quality
  • Reduce your operating cost
  • Environmental compliance
  • Wide compressor range
  • ISO-certified technology
  • Global service network
  • Lower your energy bill
  • Maximum profitability


Micro Air Tech is introduced to fulfill the dream of our valued clients in terms of available products and services. We do not want to grow alone but to expand the boundaries where people will have their affordable solution according to their instant requirements. Our expansion will be based on the overall welfare and development of our country.

  • To provide a seamless experience to our customers from procuring to servicing.
  • Aim to exceed our client’s expectations through service, communication and quality workmanship.
  • Produce quality workmanship through attention to detail and innovative solutions.
  • Offer the highest quality air conditioning equipment.
  • We support and encourage a safe work place for ourselves and for others.


Micro Air Tech wishes to develop a new and large industry where quality-based service will be prioritized. It will align too many sectors under its coverage and will become the market leader. Micro Air Tech want to operate their operations globally through their business strategy, available product line, affordable services, competitive market policy and new challenges.

  • To be the best Air technology solution provider in Bangladesh.
  • To provide our clients with ultimate comfort through creating and maintaining the ideal .
  • Delivering THE BEST in equipment quality, technology, support and a superior customer experience.
  • Promote and support a company culture of engaged employees who take ownership of their role.

We are different


Our company is one of the best air compressor company in Bangladesh. We produce positive results from ever-growing Industrial manufacturing estates, we have established a corporate mandate to maintain strong core values. We have a lots of self motivated, loyal and hard working employee. We always provide best product to our clients and their satisfaction is our first priority. We always use best technology so that compressor is most sustainable and we can provide our customer best product with highest air quality, lower operating cost, wide range and maximum profitable.

Harun Ur Rashid



Al-Kayet Hossain