10 Features That Raise VSD+ Compressors Above The Rest

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If you operate a production with a fluctuating compressed air demand and have decided to invest in a compressor with a highly efficient variable speed drive (VSD) instead of a fixed-speed model, then you have clearly done your research. You know that you can quickly recoup the higher investment cost with energy savings for a much lower total cost of ownership.

But that is only the first step. A quarter century after Atlas Copco pioneered the use of variable speed drives in compressors, other manufacturers have copied the technology. So why go with the original?

It’s actually not a difficult decision at all if you value quality and efficiency, because Atlas Copco has spent that time perfecting the technology and making its compressors even better. In other words, while the others have caught up to VSD, Atlas Copco has already moved on to VSD+.

Specifically, that has resulted in a compressor that is even more efficient, saves even more energy and reduces your operating costs as well as your carbon footprint even further.

At the same time, Atlas Copco’s engineers have maximized the reliability of the latest 

generation of VSD compressors and equipped it with technology that takes full advantage of an increasingly digitalized world.

Here is a list of 10 features that makes VSD+ compressors so exceptional – and once again puts Atlas Copco far ahead of its competition

  1. VSD+ compressors feature an oil-cooled interior permanent magnet (iPM) motor that is truly in a league of its own with regard to energy efficiency. In fact, this motor, which was designed in-house, is the only one on the market that equals IE5 Super Premium Efficiency standards.
  2. The high torque availability of the iPM motor, along with a wide turndown ratio, allows the compressor to start with back pressure. As a result, it suffers no blow-off losses.
  3. Thanks to a maintenance-free, aluminum sentinel valve that optimizes the inlet flow of the element, the VSD+ compressors never run in an unload condition.
  4. An IP66-rated drive train ensures that the compressors are protected from dust and moisture. This allows them to dependably supply top-quality compressed air even in tough environments.
  5. A new compression element, which was designed in-house specifically for the VSD+, further improves the compressor’s efficiency and its reliability.
  6. The Atlas Copco-designed inverter for compressors larger than 37 kW was built for harsh conditions. Its electrical cubicle can withstand temperatures of up to 55°C.
  7. VSD+ compressors suffer no drive train losses. They have no gears and no coupling, which reduces friction and the number of parts that could suffer wear and tear. This not only increases the efficiency of the compressors but also their reliability.
  8. Thanks to their compact, vertical design, VSD+ compressors take up less floorspace. This smaller footprint provides companies with additional flexibility in setting up their production facilities.
  9. The low noise levels of the VSD+ compressors, especially the smaller models, allows them to be installed closer to the point of use while still meeting noise regulations. In some cases, this may even eliminate the need for a separate compressor room.
  10. Atlas Copco’s VSD+ compressors are built for the future. That is why they come with the high-tech Elektronikon® Touch controller. With a user-friendly touch screen, it features includes state-of-the-art control and monitoring capabilities. The compressors can also be equipped with SMARTLINK technology, which allows users to operate them from just about anywhere on the planet. In combination, Elektronikon® and SMARTLINK further boost the efficiency and reliability of the compressors to unrivaled levels. 

Best of all, this is not a complete list of all of the innovative features that make VSD+ compressors from Atlas Copco so efficient, reliable and ready for the production environments of the future. To find out more about them, visit ma.amarbot.com

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