Our ZD (VSD) hybrid solution combines the advantages of oil-free screw technology, drum type adsorption dryer and the well-known piston booster technology. The result is in 100% oil-free dry air or nitrogen for medium- and high-pressure applications such as:

PET Industry : blowing
instrument air
natural nitrogen vent capturing
soot blower air
The ZD system is easy to install and easy to use: no complex connections or foundations are required. Z compressor and D booster can be used in parallel or separately reaching different levels of pressure ratios between 25 and 40 bar, which saves you maintenance time and costs.

Four-stage air compression with high-efficiency intercooling maximize compression efficiency. More savings can be achieved with adding Variable Speed Drive (VSD) and energy recovery.

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796 m³/h – 4,057 m³/h

Working pressure

25 bar(e) – 42 bar(e)

Installed motor power

155 kW – 815 kW


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