Preventative maintenance plans for turbomachinery

At Atlas Copco Gas and Process, we want the commissioning of your compressors and expanders to be the beginning of our partnership. The custom nature of our machines means service plans have to be created to compliment your facility’s rotating equipment. Our Gas and Process Aftermarket team can create a specialized preventative maintenance plan to keep your facility up and running for years to come.


Less downtime = more productivity

Unplanned breakdowns can leave your process stopped for weeks, severely impacting productivity. With our preventative maintenance plans we’ll work with you to schedule services for the least impact on your facility,.

Genuine Atlas Copco parts

All of our service plans, as well as repairs exclusively utilize genuine OEM replacement parts. These parts are recreated from the same drawings used to build the original machinery, ensuring an ideal fit with minimal modifications.

Certified service

All maintenance and repairs are performed by OEM certified field service engineers and technicians. Our service team has direct access to the engineering departments that originally designed the machine, ensuring accurate assessments and repairs.

Turbomachinery service plans

A preventative maintenance plan from Gas and Process protects your investment and keeps your equipment reliable and available. Along with a custom maintenance schedule, our team will also suggest which capital spares should be included in the package. These spares, along with scheduled maintenance will keep your turbomachinery in optimal running condition for years to come.

Based on years of experience, we can schedule the replacement of normal wear items, as well as inspect the machines to ensure larger problems can be avoided down the road. Replacement components can take as long as 37 weeks to procure, but we take this into account when developing your service plan to avoid lengthy shutdowns.

All of this is outlined and explained up-front, with a flat rate price that is valid the entire life of the contract.

Detect potential issues ahead of time

Preventative maintenance:

  • Detects failures and potential issues ahead of time
  • Anticipates and reduces downtime
  • Supplies you with spare parts early to save you time and money
  • Speeds up our response time thanks to your record in our database
  • Enables expert upgrades, reconstruction or reconditioning