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Training Overview

Course #101-EC, -ECM, -EGI:

Turboexpander Components and Support Systems

8 hours. Designed for engineers, operators, and maintenance personnel. 

This introduction to turboexpanders serves as a basic overview of the turboexpander skidded package to include a detailed examination of all turboexpander machine components internal to casings including the expander assembly, inlet guide vane assembly, expander and compressor impellers, shaft, bearings, compressor side assembly, and automatic thrust equalizer assembly.  Turboexpander support systems are covered in extensive detail including machine skid components, process controls, instrumentation, machine monitoring and protection, and the Human Machine Interface (HMI).

Course 101-ECM immerses students in magnetic bearing technology inside of the machine including radial and axial magnetic bearings, position sensors, and auxiliary bearings as well as magnetic bearing control system topics including interconnection, wiring considerations, the magnetic bearing control cabinet, and operational modes. 

Course 101-EGI includes comprehensive information on shaft sealing, gearbox and generator, and low speed coupling technologies. Electrical fundamentals related to power generators. 

Course #201-EC, -ECM, -EGI: 

Turboexpander Installation and Commissioning

8 hours.  Designed for engineers, operators, and maintenance personnel.

All facets of turboexpander installation and commissioning are covered including skid installation and leveling, machine checks, lube oil and seal gas system installations, process flange alignment criteria, expander trip valve/compressor surge valve installation criteria, instrumentation calibration procedures, control system and PLC communication links.  Topics such as lube oil selection, contamination, and dilution will be covered when applicable. 

Course 201-ECM includes commissioning of magnetic bearing equipped turboexpanders.  Topics include wiring inspections, installation of the control cabinet, initial rotor levitation, transfer functions, and field tuning.

Course 201-EGI includes skid grouting, low speed shaft alignment procedures, and soft blue check of gear tooth contact. 

Course #301-EC/ECM, -EGI:

Turboexpander Start-up and Operations

4 hours.  Designed for engineers and operators.

This course focuses on the safe and correct start up and shut down of the turboexpander and associated equipment with an emphasis on safety, machine performance and reliability.  Topics include system purging, pressurization, cool down, start up, monitoring of operational parameters, tuning of skid and process control valves.  Machine characteristics, expected performance, design operating conditions, off design operation are also discussed in detail.  Operational concerns or “common pitfalls” based on 40 years of experience are explained and discussed extensively with examples, pictures, and prevention techniques.

Course 301-EGI includes specific details related to integrally geared turboexpanders including island mode and warm up procedures.

Course #401-EC/ECM, -EGI:


Turboexpander Maintenance and Servicing


4 hours. Designed for operators and maintenance personnel. 


This course covers the required maintenance and servicing to uphold reliable and extend life of equipment.  Common wear components, recommended spares, preventative maintenance plans, performance evaluations, and machine monitoring are discussed in detail.  Common field services are discussed, with emphasis on monitoring and prevention.


Course 401-EGI includes specifics related to integrally geared turboexpanders.

Course #501-EC, -ECM, -EGI:


Turboexpander Disassembly and Assembly Procedures


8 hours.  Designed for maintenance personnel.


Thorough review of pertinent documentation related to turboexpander disassembly and reassembly to include component identification, component inspection and acceptance/unacceptance criteria, critical clearance measurements, use of special tools, component cleaning and storage procedures, threaded fastener lubrication and thread locking recommendations and bolt torqueing procedures. 


Course 501-ECM includes magnetic bearing, auxiliary bearing, and sensor shimming procedures.  Includes magnetic bearing wire pass through and bearing cartridge installation and removal procedures.


Course 501-EGI includes high speed shaft seal installation details.  


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